What’s Their Endgame With China and Russia? Are We Headed For WW3

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Within at least the last few years the rhetoric has heated up with respect to China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. Mostly lately it’s been Russia “hacking the election” war propaganda. This fear mongering is constant, on every major corporate news network and is growing louder, it seems every day.

I remember the September 11th buildup to war and the outright phony “intelligence reports” leading to the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent “war on terror” that has done more to erode civil liberties and freedoms than any terrorist threat ever could. Because this is still somewhat fresh in the minds of those who lived  through September 11th, the intelligence with respect to promoting war with a major power like that of Russia, seems like a very dangerous game to be playing.

Why would anyone want a large scale war like the US intelligence seems to be promoting right now? What is their end-game?

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