Whatever happened to Trump claiming he would stop the wars and bring the troops home?

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So if you were alive during the 2016 election cycle, you would have been literally surrounded by every piece of propaganda humanly imaginable, you would have probably noticed that like every single news organization, every single celebrity, and every single other western world leader, pushing hard for Clinton. As a Canadian, it was absolutely sickening, maybe because I cut the cord a couple of years ago then decided to follow the news, after all the Wikileaks revelations, I was watching to hear them debate what was uncovered about the foundations, the pay for play, the collusion, I was watching because I thought, for sure they’ll be covering this stuff, there’s no way I’m not going to see real debates about this stuff. Nothing, nada. There were some reporting going on over at Fox news, but real insight into the emails was left to amateur bloggers, RT News and Wikileaks Reddit sleuthing.

Anyways back to the point of this article, while Hillary for America was being thrust unwillingly into my Canadian living room, I head this Trump character say some pretty extreme ideas and they resonated, he insinuated that the whole era of American exceptionalism with respect especially to accepting regime change type military intervention as a huge issue. He claimed that America would be his first priority and that he would bring Americans home from the failed interventions abroad and focus on building infrastructure, I thought this was a better alternative, to who I perceived would be Hillary

Now it would appear like every other non-western nation is troublesome and huge international agreements to better promote global security and stability like the Iran nuclear deal are hanging in the balance, things seem like they are moving quick and it seems as if America may make a move on North Korea, which could also lead to disaster, depending on what China’s response may be. They did say they would not tolerate an North Korea attack so the situation is incredibly precarious indeed.

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