Uranium One: The Greatest Story (Almost) Never Told

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Uranium One – The Real Story Of Corruption

Huge news out there that has deeply implicated both the former president Obama along with then secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Now here’s a Russian connection. Well, here you go: Uranium one. In 2010, a deal of epic proportions was forged; twenty percent of United States uranium would be sold to Russia. That’s not even it though; this has the potential to be the largest real world example criminal conspiracy ever. Turns out there were bribes, Hillary Clinton and the shell “foundations” she and Bill had created. The FBI was actively investigating this deal, but was silenced and the deal was allowed to go ahead with the approval from Obama. Have you ever thought to yourself like wow, I’m obviously guilty of something, so I’m immediately going to blame my opposition for that very same thing? Me either. But this appears to be commonplace in the picture that mainstream media has been favorably colluding with the “democrats” to push this outlandish story of Trump collusion with the Russians, without presenting any evidence. Then there’s the “Russian Dossier” which is just about sacred in its origins and its legitimacy cannot be verified because Robert Steele the agent responsible for the creation of this document, has since passed away.

So there’s this literal shitstorm of implications of the former president Obama and Hillary Clinton, Obama working to keep the corruption that was actively being investigated by the FBI, hidden from the view of the Americans,

The Sources Sources

Christopher Steele is an ex-kgb field agent who came up with the “Steele Dossier”. Mysteriously enough, during the time of the 2016 election, Fusion GPS, which was the company being paid to compile the research into the dossier, would not reveal who was paying for this. Now it has surfaced that the Hillary For America Campaign paid for this document, along with the FBI.

Fusion GPS Trump Dossier

Turns out that a company Fusion GPS that had paid in part for the dossier has been tied to the DNC. This is huge because it politicizes the origin of this document and also casts doubts on the legitimacy of the document. There is also some speculation that the Obama administration’s FBI had paid in part for this document as well. Something like 13 million dollars in total. Many experts in the intelligence community have used phrases describing the “intelligence” gathered from Steele as “unverified” and “salacious”, it looks like Steele’s Russian sources effectively played

Looking back, you can see the panic in the Obama administration, shilling hard for Hillary, I think now that the panic was justified because they feared that with Trump, they could no longer hide all this corruption, quite possibly the largest scandal, ever. They would no longer be able to hide this without a Hillary presidency. I mean this whole thing just stinks. Obama’s DOJ Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton, while there was an ongoing investigation, looks like they were all colluding to tear the fabric of democracy and attempting to subvert the very nature of what America stands for.

Every second that these people are not served indictments, or charges not laid, sets a bad example for a country that was founded on the principles of law. Morality seems lost, and this bias from the justice department, playing favorites, is making this less of a democracy and more like an oligarchy.

Meanwhile Muller is mulling about with a “Russian Collusion” investigation that in my opinion is nothing more than a politicized witch hunt. When is talking to people in another country called “collusion” and not diplomacy? What a joke this all is. Meanwhile, if they want a Russian connection to America they should look to those to which there is actually evidence and plenty of it. Uranium one.

This double standard is not supposed to exist, no man is to be above the law, time for this to unravel.

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