Trump bombs Syria – Escalating tensions in this blatant show of force

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March 12, 2017
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Trump Bombs Syria – Escalating International Tensions

So here we are, it was just a matter of time really. If Trump really was the man he claimed to be during the run-up to the election, all bets are off now. I thought that he “seemed” like the candidate that would be against foreign wars but the reality is that he has turned interventionist like all those before his reign. Should we really be surprised? Every single other person that was installed into this power structure has turned on their people and ensured that the 0.1% of the richest will continue on their own personal path to enrichment.

No matter how you look at this, it is an escalation and is putting America and her allies at risk for global conflict. The latest is there are “carrier strike groups” headed towards the Korean Peninsula, what is the end game here? At what point do people realize what the agenda is…? To me it looks like global conflict is what America and her allies are after, we’ve seen it with the demonization of Russia. We’ve seen the blatant war propaganda about Syria flooding our minds and not allowing critical thought.  Now we see the “chemical attack” in Syria, being used to justify a 360 degree foreign policy shift within a matter of a few days.

Anyone who was around for the 9/11 era propaganda has seen this before. The shoddy intelligence that Trump had up until recently, claimed to be fake news, is suddenly real news. Suddenly this propaganda can be trusted for a rush to judgments without investigations to find who was responsible for the gas attacks. It can be trusted so much now that it can be used to justify illegal occupations and acts of aggression against sovereign nation states, prior to any investigation. So this amounts to something worse than what we’ve seen before, because in reality, they at least had to sell the illegal occupation of Iraq to congress in 2002, this time not even discussion.  Not even debate.

Trump Bombs Syria

Many are just starting to realize that he is this puppet and are turning their back to him, but it doesn’t matter anymore.  The corporate media which had been complicit in destroying Trump has now had their own paradigm “shift” and seem to be supporting this illegal act of war on the sovereign state of Syria.

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There is reason for concern that Trump is now in puppet mode and following the globalists plan for world hegemony, the question that remains is whether other world powers are going to stand idly by and let this happen.  We will see but the future does not look good. Trump himself in 2013 urged Obama not to intervene in Syria and that this intervention would be the start of WW3, so what changed? This man obviously lied to get favor against Hillary Clinton, he said that he would not involve the United States in more global conflict and that he would rather “bring troops home” and end the policy of “regime change”, guess not.

We see people everywhere calling it “4d chess” and other justifications for this behavior, but the leopard has now officially shown his spots, so to speak.  A line has been crossed but not in the classic sense of Obama era policies but with respect to the United States and the Trump administration’s war posturing.

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