Top fallout shelters & how you can easily build your own survival bunker

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how to build a fallout shelters

After the recent events with China, Iran, North Korea and Russia we can see just how delicate of a world we live in, at any moment nuclear war could erupt and we are mostly helpless. That is, unless we’re prepared for it. At any moment, the powers that be could press that button and it could all be over. Think about it for a second, wouldn’t you rather be prepared? It seems everyday we hear about more unfortunate events happening globally. More and more things going wrong and do you ever get that feeling that things aren’t right? I don’t know how to explain it… It just feels like it’s just a matter of time until things reach the point of no return.

Why survival bunker?

Survival bunkers are essential for survival if a major disaster occurs. A modern survival bunker can be built relatively inexpensively. The cost really depends on how much work you are comfortable doing yourself, or if you’d rather leave it to professionals. The latter will definitely cost more money, so you are better off if you’re able to do much of the basic construction yourself.

A survival bunker can give you and your family peace of mind in the event of catastrophe, like that of a nuclear attack. Many elites have special access to bunkers that will ensure that they survive, so why can’t you give your family that same reassurance? Below we’ll look at some of the more famous examples of modern survival bunkers and see just how prepared the elite are in the event of a major nuclear showdown, or mutually assured destruction M.A.D.

Can you honestly say that you and your family are prepared for the unthinkable? Top government and officials along with the elite are prepared, are you? Check out the nuclear fallout shelters and check out how easy it is to build fallout shelters below.

United States Military Nuclear Bunker Cheyenne Mountain

United States Military Bunker Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, Colorado

top 10 nuclear bunkers raven rock complex

Raven Rock Mountain Complex – Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania

When it comes to building your own home bomb shelter. You have many options and luckily it does not take a very advanced construction skill set to start building. Below you’ll see some examples of easy to build fallout shelters.

survival bunker bomb shelter building plan blueprints

Example blueprint for survival bunker

building survival bunker nuclear fallout shelter

Simple family survival bunker in construction

Why build your own survival bunker? Well besides the cost savings, you can make sure that when the time comes to take shelter, you have the ability and resources to survive the unthinkable. If you really are serious about building a survival shelter for you and your family then there’s a great guide that covers pretty much everything, from the ground up. Everything you need to know. In fact, it’s the ONLY guide you’ll find that really covers everything! The Russians have been preparing their people for event, they’ve been preparing for quite some time now… The question is… are you willing to protect your family?

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