This Whole Right Versus Left Thing Is Such A Joke – But Is This Joke On You?

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From an outsider looking in perspective, it is so very obvious that this is such a manipulated situation. This whole right versus left dichotomy is so unreal. Every day more articles out there that I see the only point in dividing and enraging one side or the other, we have police standing down while these people are literally fighting it out in the streets. I have news for you, you’re being played and it’s ridiculous to watch from the sidelines.

The media is playing a huge role in this and as mentioned before acting as a vessel for enragement, on both sides. Meanwhile the economy is imploding, war seems to be on the horizon and leaders are not being held accountable like they should. Income inequality is at the greatest level ever seen before and money is buying less and less all the time, let me ask this: do you think your being played like carefully crafted fiddles, without any inclination of the slaughter your masters are leading you towards?

Okay, I’ll admit, maybe a little harsh, maybe over-dramatic, but the fact remains that you people are fighting each other, while you should be looking elsewhere. Remember that saying, united we stand divided we fall? While you’ all are playing perfectly into this. So ask yourself, how did I ever get put into an ideological box, how did I let this happen to me? What went wrong?

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It’s like watching a bunch of monkeys fighting over the last banana. The media is there to make it look like fighting the other side is the only option and they are eating it up like and elephant with peanuts.

Wake up people, you have been lied too, you are being boxed into a corner, you are

So what happened? I have my theories, I think that because America is about to face an economic decline, the likes of which have not been observed since 1929, and since the “war economy” is the only thing that is keeping this fragile system alive. Being that there is no real choice in politics, the last resort is to socially engineer the peons (no offence, I’m one too) against each other. This way the pressure is off the leadership (if you can call it that) and how it’s the same regardless of what party is in there.

They can make it sound like things are different and report on stories that are racially charged, or right against left, selectively, after all the media is the main controlling element in American society, everyone is inundated with crazy things the “other side” has done, while in reality, they are doing this on purpose to enrage the people and set them against themselves.

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Think about it critically, this is something largely lost in today’s society, many people in the past would have, but now they intentionally intellectually box the masses in and “dumb them down” so they aren’t critical of what is being presented to them. The media has been weaponized, very much like what you’d see in the so called “color revolutions” that are seen time and time again, instigated by the CIA in poor third world countries.

Information as we can see now, is becoming a threat, no matter right and left but critical information, in general. Notice the “social justice” movements that only end game could be censorship? Yep, well there you go, you are more empowered than when you started, get to “book reading” and stuff, mmmkay?

Hope you enjoyed my hit-you-on-the-head bluntness, I’m afraid time’s running out and this is the only means I have left in order to convince you that you are being played; if you’ve already realized this, spread the word, cause it looks like time is getting thin.

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