The Department of Justice may be seeking charges against Julian Assange

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Wikileaks has undoubtedly upset the inner workings of the deeply entrenched national security apparatuses to their very core. As such, it would seem as if these power structures are moving towards unchartered territory by abdicating their principals and attempting to pursue charges against the Wikileaks publications. This is a very dangerous road to travel down, one that ultimately leads to setting a dangerous precedent whereas publishers of information may be subjected to criminal prosecution.

Wikileaks cannot seem to get a break, even in this new administration, as it looks as if the DOJ is looking to seek charges against the publisher of leaked documents and head of Wikileaks Julian Assange. What is absolutely amazing is the 360 degree turn the Trump administration has seemingly taken with respect to Wikileaks. I would even go as far as saying that Wikileaks documents that were provided to them only served as a publisher; they are not the source of the information as that likely came from within, so attempting to seek charges, or arrest publishers should serve as a harsh precedent that will put press freedoms in jeopardy like never before.

CIA director Mike Pompeo interpreted the law falsely in claiming that because Julian Assange was — “not a US citizen” that he could be charged, however the law still applies, however Pompeo attempts to bastardize it, and that is that the law applies to government agencies and American law enforcement agencies. They cannot infringe on the first amendment, they themselves are bound by this American law, so this becomes a slippery slope of a legal precedent that may have the unintended consequences of criminalizing publishers of information AKA journalists, reporters and the free press in general. This is very dangerous territory; I mean it’s already highly biased corporate media, whereas it’s already incredibly difficult to get any anti-establishment voice out there, right now without prosecuting journalists.

DOJ Seeking Charges Wikileaks

Wikileaks, is seemingly one of the last beacons of governmental transparency that is left in the world today, it should be celebrated, not punished. Governments are notorious for convincing their people of the have no fear if you have nothing to hide, but then that same philosophy should also apply to the governments as well. There’s no reason why a democratic government could not operate in a transparent manner; that is unless they have something to hide themselves. This is what is truly amazing to me, how can they be so hypocritical? Everything around you is recording you with the intent purpose of consoling you that if you have nothing to hide, why would you care you are being recorded.

One could easily argue that Wikileaks revelations actually helped to secure the victory of Donald Trump; that being said we heard statements by Trump that went something like “I love Wikileaks” and even statements that encouraged Wikileaks to release more documents that were damaging to his political adversary Hillary Clinton. Even the CIA director Mike Pompeo actively shared Wikileaks Revelations on his own Twitter, now as these men have assumed power, the hypocrisy is real and notable. At this point they are seeking charges and now have seemingly turned a full 360 degrees to demonizing Wikileaks and publisher that are the last hope of independent journalism that is left in the world today. What’s important to note here is that Wikileaks does not hack; they are a publisher and as such they should be afforded protections that the first amendment allows for with respect to free publication.

Questions remain as to how exactly the Trump administration will seek charges however Mike Pompeo seems to be hinting towards the route they will take. They are trying to rationalize how they will go forward with denying Assange the first amendment protections that ultimately should apply to these organizations that are seeking the charges. It literally makes no sense, unless a large crackdown on independent media is in the works, my question is what are they hiding from? Why can’t American citizens have transparency, are they afraid of the people knowing what is really going on? If we use their own logic here, if they have nothing to hide then why worry about the people knowing what their government is up to. We already see them working towards their “fake news” narrative, and it would appear that this is how they are going to censor the internet; the last true vestige of free speech.

Check out more on Wikileaks Vault 7 here Please show your support to Wikileaks and the defence of Julian Assange, who has been arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for over 2300 days, visit Justice for Assange and donate for his defense fund here.

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