Why you should build a survival bunker – The future is uncertain

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why you should build survival bunker

The signs are everywhere; just put aside the division and stare objectively into the void

Times are not like they were yesterday. Things have changed; it’s not your fault, or mine but the reality is that it has happened. It could be an economic downturn, leading to absolute chaos and pandemonium at any point if things get any worse, and the future is not looking as bright as it once did.

It could be war on a global scale. We can hear all the talk of Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea and China and can see the Americans building up forces in Europe It could be the climate changing, or a pole shift that could be a game-changer for coastal regions throughout the world. This could lead to a huge population influx, inland, think of all the production lost due to flooding.

Maybe the Fukushima nuclear disaster, or the decrepit nuclear waste factories, create a condition where radiation is released into the atmosphere and lead to an uninhabitable landmass, or even worse, the world. Are you going to depend on the government to save you? They can’t even defeat ISIS, they are incompetent, things are breaking down, infrastructure can tell you a lot about the state of the government and it’s not looking good.

Well, my friend, if you are reading this then there still may be some hope. You see we’ve let them get away with this for too long, they kept things just good enough, where people don’t revolt, but that time may be coming to an end. People are finally waking from the slumber of blindly trusting those pretty faces on TV, we are seeing the circus for what it is, a circus. It used to be that they had to care what the people they ruled over thought; now we can see that’s all a lie, simply a production. Practically Hollywood at work; yet we can see they are becoming shitty actors, clearly beyond their prime.

What does this mean? Well, in my perspective I think they are losing control and this is what makes for such a dangerous environment; like what may be their next move? To answer this I have to begin with a question, what would stop this division? I can really only see what history has presented to me, what usually happens? What happened in the past? What can that tell us about what will likely be the future?

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