Are Solar Panels Worth The Initial Cost? Worthwhile Or Not?

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March 3, 2017
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solar panels a good investment

Solar Panels are a Worthwhile Investment

With the ever-increasing cost of energy, the move toward solar energy is an increasing market for homeowners. With annual rates of increase of 4 to 6 percent, and the decrease in the cost of solar systems, the market for solar energy has never been in more demand. In many cases, solar panel systems are able to pay for themselves in less than 10 years, and with constant development and reduced costs, it is not unheard of for solar investors to see a return on their money in less than 5 years. Installing solar panels for a home is becoming easier and less expensive year over year. Good quality panels have a lifespan beyond 20 years, which means savings for the entire time you live in that home.

Solar is Highly Efficient

One of the biggest questions people often ask is: How do solar panels work? The answer is simple. Solar cells generate energy while the sun shines. The grid of solar panels are connected to an inverter which takes the raw direct current electricity (DC) produced by the solar cells and converts it into 120V of Alternating Current electricity (AC), which can then be transmitted through the home’s wires to lights, appliances and outlets. All of the energy produced and sent into your home is tracked by a meter, which tells you just how much electricity your panels have created.

While the process of gathering solar energy can seem complicated, the reality is the systems are very simple to operate and maintain. In fact, with exception of some minor maintenance, once the panels and wiring are in place, the entire system is self-sustaining and requires no further attention. These systems make no noise or pollution, which is ideal for homeowners, especially in urban areas. Investors can expect a long, hassle-free experience with solar energy.

Solar Energy Will Earn You Money

Some systems will produce more energy than the entire home requires. In these cases, some homeowners invest in larger battery banks to store excess energy for times when the sun may not be as active. Alternatively, some homeowners decide to sell their electricity back to the main grid and make a premium from the government for producing green energy. In these cases, additional equipment is required to monitor the produced electricity by the power producers and government. This equipment is generally inexpensive and very easy to install and in some cases is done for free by the hydro company.

Whether or not you decide to produce additional electricity to sell to the grid or if you just want to cover your own needs, solar panels for the roof are an incredible money saver in the long run. The cost of electricity is continually going up, and with the grid becoming less stable, having your own source of electricity now and well into the future is great protection against power outages and increased costs.

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