Was Seth Rich in contact with Wikileaks prior to his unusual death?

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May 2, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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The Unusual Death Of Seth Rich

Seth Rich was employed by the DNC as a data analyst, popular “conspiracy theories” pin his unusual death as the result of being murdered for being the source of the DNC leaks. It does not help the official mainstream media narrative that police reports claimed that the murder was the result of a robbery, when he was discovered, all his personal belongings were accounted for. 

Due to the strange circumstances regarding his death; Seth’s family was not satisfied with the progress of the investigation, so they hired a private investigator to conduct a parallel investigation in Seth Rich’s suspicious death.

Was Seth Rich In Contact With Wikileaks?

So a breaking story on Fox is that a private investigator who is looking into the handling of the Seth Rich Investigation has made a significant discovery that Seth was in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder. This is a bombshell because there’s long been speculation that Seth Rich who had access to the DNC could have been responsible for the leak that was subsequently blamed on “Guccifer 2.0”.

What really seemed to credence to Seth Rich being the possible leaker of the DNC communications, was Wikileaks unprecedentedly offering a reward for information leading to the convictions of those responsible for Seth’s death. I will admit I have not been a long time follower of Wikileaks, but this does not seem to fit into their modus operandi, I cannot find another instance where a reward was offered by Wikileaks for anything like this before.

When looking back into the whole “Russian” fiasco, we can see that the DNC outright refused the FBI access to their servers, why on earth would they want to derail this? The DNC servers would definitely hold the information that could prove that a “Russian Actor” was responsible, so why would they not give the FBI access to it?

Do You Trust The Corporate Media, Or Do You Trust Wikileaks?

Wikileaks has long held their position of not revealing their sources. This is paramount to protect their sources and their potential information. It should be of note that in over 10 years of operation, Wikileaks has never published any document that’s credibility was in question; they operate in this fashion and have never been proven wrong. Let that sink in.

Seth Rich should not die in vain, he should be remembered as a patriot of the kind anyone’s family should be proud, he did a great service to the American people and this should be something celebrated, not punished. I hope history is on the right side of this and we can move in a better direction. Those responsible (if it’s proven true) for this rampant corruption should be held accountable at the highest level of culpability, for they are the ones perverting democracy and the rule of law to the point where something must break.

Running With The “Russian Narrative”

This Russian narrative is absolutely sickening at this point and I’m sure if you catch any glimpse of establishment media, you are as sick as this unsubstantiated garbage narrative as I myself am. I mean sorry if I am coming off as brash but I’ve watched this “Russia hack” narrative, pretty much from the moment Hillary Clinton started to lose.

It was the grand excuse for why her donors paid an unprecedented 1.5 billion dollars to see that she became president. Only to watch it slip away. She owned practically all news, all celebrities, all the questions in advance for the debates, then for her to still lose, absolutely hilarious. I can see why it would be shameful and embarrassing, but do we need to start a new cold war because she lost? What the hell.

The question is, was it embarrassing enough to have Seth Rich murdered, use malware to “plant” an attack that could be use to further this “Russian Influence Narrative”..? How deep could this go, why would Wikileaks offer a reward for information in Seth’s death? Why did the DNC block the FBI from examining their servers, what are they hiding?

There are more questions than answers at this point but hopefully soon we will know.


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