Is The Real Conspiracy Not Left Or Right But Slaves And Owners?

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Everywhere I look I see division. It’s now alt-right and alt-left, arguing and pitting themselves against one another, I can’t help but wonder if this is the real grand conspiracy that literally puts any other theory to shame. Let’s face it nothing is changing, nobody is going to jail and everything is ultimately staying the same. Look at all the partisan politics, if you try and keep up with it all, it is becoming increasing difficult to do so. The lines between real and fake are being in my opinion skewed to the point whereas finding real information is becoming a hard task. This I’d argue is happening for a purpose as in it is not organic. The news is in fact owned not by independant media, but it is owned by a select few corporations, this is easy to see if you are looking.

Let’s face it, we are of the spoiled generation, where news headlines are fed to us and we are so inundated by them that it becomes hard to check all the sources and find out what could be true and what may be false. I think this is designed this way, maybe to push censorship of the internet, or maybe for far more nefarious purposes like to distract us while they continue to push their narratives behind the scenes. We are surrounded by these constant dividing narratives seemingly from both sides of the supposed political spectrum, making people pick sides, is it all a distraction? First it’s Trump and Russia then it turns out to be Hillary and Russia, the common theme here is Russia and I feel as if both sides are being conditioned to hate Russia, regardless this is the common theme, so let’s try to examine what is actually going on, through all this distraction.

The United States has been “beaten” in Syria, Russia has all but defeated ISIS and it’s getting to the point where, they (the United States) no longer has justification to be in Syria, so why are they still there? I’m going to try my best to not say that the United States supports ISIS but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, they are after all, who Russia and Syria are fighting, and being that America was never invited into Syria by their government, America is literally occupying a large portion of Syria as I write this post. Now you might remember the outright, blatant propaganda, that the United States has been pushing with respect to alleged gas attacks from Assad in Syria, now what the heck would a legitimate government, that was voted by the people of Syria, be doing gassing his own people, it really does not add up. But we can, I’m sure all remember when the WMDs were used to sell the Iraq war to the American people, be scared citizens, Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, and we must eliminate him before he uses them. Well, as it would turn out those weapons never even existed. This war is still being waged, to this day in Iraq, they never left, with untold billion, probably even trillions in taxpayer money wasted, on this country, I will never forget that this was an illegal war, and it has opened my eyes to what they are willing to do to sell war to a divided complicent populace like that within the United States.

This realization, makes me wonder what else has been sold as a sham, to benefit super rich mega corporations throughout the United States, at the expense of say, a universal health care system. Like imagine what that money could have gone to rather than needlessly killing hundreds of thousands of people, how much could have been accomplished, how the infrastructure of the once great nation could have been repaired more than twice over, it kind of makes me sick to my stomach, but I also can see how they are constantly working towards dividing and conquering, through keeping us fighting each other rather than them. When they are in fact the problem. It’s really at this point that I see what all this is really about, it’s all really an act. They are all the same, no mater if they are right or left, it is really the select few against the masses, think about it. All these mass shootings have a pattern, now I’m not saying they are a giant tinfoil hat conspiracy, but it would seem like they are being used as a means to further divide and keep people looking at each other rather than their supposed leadership.

War is a big business and I’m sure, many with a voice are bought early on in their carriers, that is why you will not find practically anyone else talking about this. Anti-war is in fact, hard to monetize, this we can be certain of, so nobody in any position of trust will speak it, it really is sad, but reality is not always an easy to digest meal. The truth is there is much money to be made selling lies to advance war which is so profitable to them.

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