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If I’ve learned anything it’s that it’s never a bad thing to be prepper. In this day and age, anything is possible. From natural disasters that could potentially knock out power grids, all the way to full scale war. The most important thing and I can’t stress this enough is that you are prepared for the worst.

Preppers are usually looked down on as “conspiracy theorist” types by most and those types will be absolutely screwed if literal shit hits the literal fan. Imagine some type of disaster strikes and supply routes are blocked, how are you going to stay safe and survive? Well, if you prepared for such an event, you would be comfortably be riding it out, while other unprepared people scramble to get food and supplies.

Don’t go announcing to other members of your community that you are a prepper. This could potentially make you a target if things really go to hell and any extra supplies you have stockpiled may be used to barter with others. It’s not your fault if others were not willing to be prepared and you don’t want to become a target for theft or worse, so I’d keep prepping on the down low.

Step 1: Have adequate food and water set aside. This is essential to any serious prepper plan. Food and water are the most important and most in demand in a survival type event. Keep an adequate supply handy, I recommend at least enough for two-weeks as a general rule of thumb but recently I’ve expanded my reserves to an entire month supply of the food and water I’d need to survive. Multiply that by however many family members that are going to be relying on you.

Step 2: Have a secondary location that you can retreat to if the need presents itself. A bug out location is absolutely critical. Make a clear plan and practice this plan with everyone in your family. Keep this location secret to anyone not directly involved in the plan.

Step 3: Be prepared for the unthinkable. Doomsday could be right around the corner.  Arm yourself and become familiar with your surroundings, formulate another plan, for in case you have to defend your property from ill willed outsiders. Understand that if society ultimately breaks down, you can no longer depend on law and order, you may have to take matters into your own hands. Be ready and have a plan made up for securing your property. Consider a high vantage point and always have a plan for someone in your group to be on watch, at all times. Survival is tough business and others in need may try to take what you had spent time preparing for, be prepared to defend your property and resources.

Step 4: As a Prepper Teach Yourself Independence. If society gets to the breakdown point, you are not going to be able to trust people the same way you can now. You need to start practicing for this now to be successful in the event something happens. Start by taking the time to be less dependent on people. Learn valuable skills like hunting and farming; so that you are ready to use those skills when the time comes.

Step 5: Have your bug out location stocked and ready to go or prepare a kit that you can easily have ready if the time comes where you have to leave in a hurry. Have a route planned to your bug out location and be sure to go over this planning with everyone involved in your plan. Again don’t broadcast this location to anyone that doesn’t need to know. The last thing you want are uninvited visitors that could put you and your groups safety in question. Think minimal and stock your kit accordingly, you want to be able to move in a hurry if need be so just have the essentials ready to go.

You need to be ready to look out for yourself and your group, being prepared for a disaster or collapse scenarios can really be the difference between survival and an untimely end. You need to put yourself first because you cannot help anyone if you are unable to be prepared to help yourself. At any moment there could be a major disaster or a full scale conflict. We have no control of what the political elites decide, war could happen at any moment. There could be a solar flare that knocks out power grids and in our modern society, everything depends on power, this could spell disaster. Being prepared is nothing to be ashamed about and you should be doing everything in your power to be prepared for this.

If you truly want to be prepared for anything and everything, check out this prepper & survival guide here it is all you need to know and more.

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