Fallout from the Trump wiretapping claim – What have we learned?

wikileaks vault 7 part one cia leaks
Wikileaks Vault 7 – Massive CIA global government spying exposed
March 10, 2017
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Trump bombs Syria – Escalating tensions in this blatant show of force
April 9, 2017
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The fallout from president Donald Trump’s tweet regarding being “wiretapped” by Obama’s administration during the election of 2016 is a huge claim. But, as those of us who know the capabilities of the state with respect to the Snowden revelations, This is not new. The deep state has had the ability through the NSA or national security agency, to do just that. From the recent vault 7 Wikileaks revelations we find the CIA (of course) has this ability as well. We know that Clapper lied in front of the government when he denied that the deep state or central intelligence agency has this ability.

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So when Trump makes this assertion, there is truth to this claim, that is, unless you live under a rock.The mainstream media networks have turned into this echo chamber, where they continue to deny that this is the true ability of the entrenched national security apparatuses. They collect data indiscriminately on all US citizens, as well as those deemed “targets” living abroad via the CIA.

I think a good way to look at this is to view the CIA as a global intelligence agency and to look at the NSA as what it’s name implies, national security agency. The Edward Snowden leaks gave us the insight into this national data collection and we know that no one is exempt from this data collection, even Donald J. Trump. So we can assume that Trump knows about these abilities and what we need to get to the bottom of is whether the “wiretapping” as Trump puts it, was used as weaponized political interference in the election, like we have never experienced before on this level.

We are aware that what they’ve done to Trump at this point is boxed him into a corner, with respect to “Russian interference”, big time talking heads of the MSM, have worked in tandem to portray Russia as an enemy, one that if Donald Trump easies up on just one bit, they must be blackmailing him. The media has become so disjointed from reality that I can’t help but laugh, seeing Schumer cry with the token Muslim girl. It’s gotten to the point of hilarity, who even is feeble minded enough to still eat this crap up? I don’t get it anymore. It’s become like an act of desperation, but what is really happening here, it’s almost impossible to know, is it all a distraction?

Remember Obama kicking out all the Russian diplomats? This was a move, along with his deployment of close to 5000 American troops, on rotation, in Europe and other NATO countries, surrounding Russia. I have not seen Trump work to de escalate this situation, as he had claimed he would do, not sure here either. I hate to be negative, but, having ground troops in Syria, does worry me. This cannot be a good development, but I will continue to hold some hope that reason prevails, never have so many people, been so open minded, I have not seen this before, and it gives some hope.

There has never been such an awareness of the fuckery, maybe there’s hope.

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