Nevermind North Korea – No Nation State Should Be Allowed To Have Nukes

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Nuclear weapons could potentially be the end of our species and I don’t think it’s reasonable that any nation on the earth has them. We have seen the horrors of nuclear weapons and what they can do, any reasonable person should agree that these weapons should not be allowed.

Mutually assured destruction or MAD for short is the doctrine that once one major superpower launches, it’s already over for us as a certainty. The Nation that is the target will see this launch and then will launch their own weapons, as a retaliation for the incoming weapons. Then the nation that initially launched will launch even more and there you have it mutually assured destruction.

Nobody wins in nuclear war and it is incredibly depressing as another human being, to see that we are living within the time where all of humanity could be wiped out by such weapons within the matter of a very short period of time. One thing that I can assure you is that this planet will be a place that you may not want to survive the initial horrors. From just the two nuclear bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, more than 200,000 lost their lives and many more were disfigured, or lost their lives as a result in the years following, from illnesses and different forms of cancer as a result of the radiation.

It troubles me that their is not a loud enough debate, especially as global tensions are seemingly rising and I fear that something could happen which would lead the world to a war, the likes of which we have never seen before. The most troubling thing is most of the superpowers are nuclear armed now and we have much too much trust I would argue, in those that are in power.

Nobody can win and this is what makes this whole situation so terrifying, we have China, Russia, Iran and North Korea on one side and we have threats that China will not allow America to attack North Korea. We have Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un calling each other names on social media, it’s just really so bizarre.

There is the United States on one side, that is telling another nation that they can’t have the weapons that the United States has, to the point of the US threatening to attack North Korea preemptively. Then we have the United States in Syria now, they have decided to preemptively invade there too and it’s beginning to look like they are going to attempt to overthrow the democratically elected Syrian government. What are they doing in Syria? What is going on here? Are they going to try to start conflict there now?


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