What is this I keep hearing about fake news – What are they trying to hide now?

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So what’s all the rage with this new buzzword that seems to have made its first appearance during the 2016 American election cycle, you may ask? Well turns out that money cannot buy anything and the corporate media,

People like Brain Stettler of CNN started a segment on none other than CNN to combat information that was damaging to their establishment candidate, none other than Hillary Clinton. But that’s not even where it will end, now they coin any statements, said by anyone that may be damaging to the establishment as “fake news”.

They are losing control and we saw it with all the madness of outlets like Politifact and other so called “fact checking” websites and now the demonetization of alternative media on popular video sharing platforms like Youtube and others are playing ball with this new establishment narrative. This is especially troubling because it is leading to outright censorship of free thought on the internet. No longer do these dinosaur media outlets come across as believable in the eyes of many Americans, it’s really a great thing to see. Fuck political correctness, fuck censorship the establishment media is losing at an alarming pace and the day’s of their pro-corporate 1% media are coming to an end.

You see, more often than ever before, people are unsubscribing from the pro-war establishment media and are moving towards platforms like Youtube and Facebook for their media needs. More have cut their cable cords and it doesn’t take very long before you tune in again and see it for what it is. All American citizens should take a break from their regular cable news, just a week is all it takes, then go revisit it. You will see how blatant their propaganda has become. It literally is a joke.

Remember their point is to convince an uninformed populace that they should only take what they present as truths and anything that they are not presenting to you as truth is nothing other than “fake news”. This is another incredulous journey of nothing other than censorship at its most dangerous.

The problem with the mainstream corporate owned and controlled media apparatus, is that objective truths are thrown out the window so to speak in a effort to attach a price tag to truth. If you make the money to be able

I try to stay away from party politics and any other dividing labels that group you into something that in effect makes one easier to control. The harsh yet so brutal truth is that it’s us versus them not dividing political party versus party. This is what’s so important to grasp and is lost on so many out there.

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