Home Energy Independence: How to Get Started With Solar Power

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Do you want to be a part of the solution in creating a sustainable future for you and your family while also gaining energy independence? This is the dream that so many people have and now it can be a reality. Many patriots like you have taken this offering and became energy independent, even in some cases getting a payment from the power company for selling power back to the grid.

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Is solar a good choice?

In order to gain energy independence we need a plan and the materials required for such a huge undertaking. Solar is an excellent choice for free energy and dependence from the power grid.  Thanks to demand for solar power cells it has become increasingly affordable for the average person, it is much more cost efficient than just a few years ago.

So the ideal solar setup would have a way to store the power generated form the panels, ideally a 12 volt or series of 12 volt batteries, the panels themselves, you’re going to need a circuit breaker, charge controller, an inverter and of course all the wiring and connectors.

Things like the inverter will depend on your setup and how much power you are expecting to harness from the panels. The batteries will also depend on this, keep in mind that just like car batteries; your home solar batteries will require maintenance and replacement through usage.

Along with those items you are probably also going to want some basic tools like an electronic multi-meter, soldering iron and wire cutters.

You will need to also mount the panels depending on your configuration, so you would need to account for that as well.

It might sound complicated but generally speaking if you are handy or have worked on a vehicle before it shouldn’t be hard to grasp. I found a plan that really explains every step in detail with the exact details. From start to finish, this guide really breaks it down and I have not found anything this great anywhere else on the internet. Take a look here for more…

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