Wikileaks Vault 7 – Massive CIA global government spying exposed

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So, if you have been following like you should, there has been lot’s of happenings especially as of lately and this is helping garner global attention. Wikileaks has officially released “vault 7” which is the largest document dump regarding classified CIA intelligence gathering-methods.

The release was March 7, 2017 and includes 8,761 documents. This is by far the largest release ever and best of all it is said to be just 1% of the total content of “vault 7”. Just this first release alone, gives the entire world insight that has never before been seen, especially in recent times.

Wikileaks, in their press conference on vault 7, offered to work with many of the major tech companies to patch known exploits, before they release more information on them. This is a hugely positive development because it will make the rest of the dump much less chaotic and less of a risk to security. Companies will be able to patch the exploits and backdoors, alleviating pressure.

Before going further, it’s important to take into consideration that Wikileaks has never, in ten years ever been proven to have released anything inaccurate. No one involved in the leaks that have been released have questioned their validity, that’s more than I can say for some mainstream media sources.

The implications of this release are huge and that’s an understatement. Turns out the CIA has been employing hackers full-time and colluding with the big tech companies to have “backdoors” built into their devices, to give control over many devices. Apple iphone, Android devices, along with popular computer operating systems like Windows, have all either been developed with backdoors, or can be accessed through exploits, which the CIA worked to hide from manufactures.

On top of that, there is evidence contained within the leaks of the CIA’s ability to remotely control newer vehicles and even aircraft. The implications here are again huge, they could carry out virtually undetectable assassinations, without any questions.

One troubling revelation is that of carelessness on behalf of the CIA, which had “lost control” of these tools, most recent in the hacks is 2016, so these tools have probably been in the hands of America’s enemies for some time, at this point damage could have been done already.

Another very troubling revelation was a spy ring’ uncovered in Germany, which has alluded that the CIA is carrying out covert operations dealing with spying throughout Europe.

What I see as the most troubling thing of all, is that we can see with this release that the CIA has acquired the spy tools from other countries like China and more importantly Russia. The reason why I feel this is huge, is that it could mean that the “Russian Hacking” narrative in the 2016 American election, could have been anyone who was able to obtain these tools, before Wikileaks got possession of them.

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that the CIA has the ability to hack and spy and was actively doing so. It means that America’s enemies likely have had this technology for quite some time before Wikileaks receive them through a leak. More to come.

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