How to fight back against internet censorship

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how to fight internet censorship

Internet Information Suppression: Fighting fire with fire

So as you may have figured out by now, they are actively attempting to censor information on the internet. Not only that, but I’m am 100% convinced that they are using multiple fake bot accounts in a desperate attempt to control the narrative on the internet. You may have noticed that anything critical of mainstream news especially on platforms like reddit are quickly down voted, removed, or deleted when it goes against this narrative.

They are using terms like fake news and Russian propaganda because they are losing control of this narrative and they would rather create a reason for censorship then face the allegations and deal with fixing the mainstream propaganda mechanisms like those of the major news outlets.

For so long they, I’m talking about you liberal media, have tried convincing us that bringing immigrants from poor uneducated countries is diversity in action and only positive. But we can see the rapes, the beatings, the terrorism being allowed to propagate within our western countries, working to degrade us as a whole, not enrich us culturally. They try to hide this, they try to hide anything damaging to the liberal state propaganda apparatus and blind us to the reality of the squalor they are creating for us. Try to question this obscene behaviour, try to question other institutional corruption and you are blocked, banned, or worse ghost banned.

The problem I see is that they are constantly attempting to frame everything as some type of race war and as such are excusing violent behavior and it’s clear from police behavior that they are ignoring their oaths to charge members of the left like antfa and such they are literally abdicating their respective responsibilities and letting groups like this get away with criminal assaults against what they refer to as neo-Nazi’s. Seriously people put down you iPhones and look around you, your political affiliations are not a concern, and you are being played by your governments.  As such are playing into the giant distraction the liberal media is pulling so you don’t demand they explain themselves for the clear wrongs they are responsible for.

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Cutting the cord has given me tons of perspective, it’s like you’re born again into a reality where you can see a spade for the spade it is, I recommend getting as far away from cable as you can. The problem now however, is you can see the propaganda sneaking into the internet at an alarming pace, and with things like net neutrality, we may face a future where, things deemed not acceptable by the CIA and mainstream news organizations are literally throttled down to oblivion and to never be seen.

fight internet censorship

You see, the internet is the last great refuge for the free thinking individual; it’s all we really have left and as such we must fight back in a smarter way to avoid them winning. I was told I lived in a free country and I am going to live like this is still a reality even though I know that everyday my freedom becomes more and more limited.  They shouldn’t be able to take our ability to communicate freely just because they can’t admit to where they have gone wrong.

Sometimes it may become necessary to fight fire with fire and the need to move towards the same modus operandi. They are seemingly using multiple accounts for propaganda and censorship purposes and that does not mean we should discount these methods ourselves. You see we can fight back and we can hit them back, everything leaves a footprint and these fake accounts are likely upvoting and promoting other accounts that are fake. Fortunately for us,  this is simple for any private citizen to also utilize. Here are some steps you can take to get your own alternative accounts:

Step 1. Proxies. You will need to find a reliable proxy if you want to setup more than a few accounts. Typically for one proxy you can reliably have 5 accounts of each social network. What the heck are proxies? A proxy can work as a bridge so to speak, your computer or device using a proxy can appear to be the ip address proxy that you want.

They are geographically attached so that you can purchase USA proxies and you appear to be from the USA or you can get Canadian proxies and appear to be from Canada. They are great for other uses as well like masking your ip address to get access to content that may not be available in your region. Proxies are cheap and there are lots of suppliers out there, for example you can expect to pay around $10.00 USD per month for 10 proxies. With that kind of plan you could have 50-60 social media accounts and fight back against the blatant censorship.

Step 2. Firefox portable or similar standalone browser. Once you get the proxies you’re halfway there, now all you need to do is download the portable firefox browser, make sure it’s the portable version! What I’d do is download the portable version and make a new copy for each proxy I’m going to use. So you should have 10 copies of firefox portable if you get 10 proxies. Now you just open each browser, one at a time and go to “options” and then “general”. Choose “network proxy”  check “manual proxy configuration” and input one of the proxy ips and the port for each one.

creating bot accounts with proxy

That’s all you really need to do, now you are free to have like 50 accounts and fight back against the bot assisted downvoting and manipulation of content not deemed appropriate by them. Now you can go and get called fun buzzwords like “Russian agent of Putin”, “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi”, for simply questioning or being critical in general about any mainstream news.

It’s really amazing to see how giant companies like Youtube are attempting to censor people’s thoughts and opinions, many people I personally follow have had their accounts demonetized which means that they are being actively suppressed and as an added bonus to this demonetization they will appear lowing in the searches in Youtube and Google search. This is very troubling, the internet was never meant to shut people up rather it was created for the good of us all to communicate freely, censorship is outright wrong and dangerous.

We really have to fear when the truth is being suppressed so much, this tells us that rather than face the truth they would rather silence us all, so we must all stay strong and fight back. To really be effective in your fight against information supression, you will need to find relatively new content and promote it everywhere you can. This is where it can be effective with reddit to sort by “new”. If you notice that something is being brigaded especially in the case of reddit, fight back with your own army of accounts and upvote what they are downvoting en masse, this will help others to see this information and make them harder to be suppressed.

The number one thing you can do today for your critical thinking self, is to cut the cord get away from the heavily propagandized media apparatus, they are a cancer on free thought and have ventured so far from their original mission statement into a degraded corporate propaganda mouthpiece. Show and teach everyone you know about this, we can take back some power with the corporate media in it’s death throws as we rise to the top. We are supposed to live in free societies where freedom of the press used to actually mean something, now it’s only purpose is sowing division and promoting war propaganda. They want to turn us all on ourselves and degrade our good intentions, while they hope to remain under the radar and heeding no responsibility for this madness.

In writing this post I am in no way condoning illegal behaviour, rather providing information for educational purposes only.

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