Divide & conquer – The rich man’s game where common men lose

corporate media narrative
The corporate media and their desperation to stranglehold the narrative
May 19, 2017
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June 27, 2017
divide & conquer

The box of division is one that narrows your vision and traps your good intentions.

Do you see it too? Am I the only one? One thing that seems clear is that the population is being divided at the behest of the corporate media. I wanted to express how I feel this is incredibly dangerous and how these divisions create opposing factions that are willing to fight for their team even if the fight makes no sense whatsoever.

I have long been someone who does not subscribe to organized sports; I have no team I root for, nobody wins and I could care less. Why is that? It’s just never been something that has interested me. I did however witness how emotions can explode pitting rival factions against one another and kind of laughed to myself seeing people fight for no good reason.

I see the same thing happening with religion; another division tactic that I do not stand for. Religion has, since as far back as it has existed and things written about it; caused more wars and unhinged human suffering than I care to elaborate on at this time.

Maybe this makes it more difficult for me to subscribe to be put into a box like that of partisan politics. Think about it, if you subscribe to sports and your team does badly; do you abandon that team for another team that’s doing better? This is conditioning a populace to accept the government may enact policies that make it look as if you are losing, but you still follow that political party because their values you hold as your values. Maybe it’s really this simple; Rome was an empire that also had opposing factions constantly dueling it out in the great coliseums before the empire crumbled.

Celebrities, we can see them being used for propaganda purposes just the same. They are a false idol just the same as a politician, your favorite sports team, or the local priest. This election cycle has shown just how far the media is willing to go in order to control the reality they manufacture.

For my own realizations of what in my opinion is happening was as simple as not watching any television for the last year. When I tried to watch it again, I realized how absolutely everything is being scripted to illicit an emotional response (effective propaganda). Even popular shows seem to have an underlying narrative and emotionally charged point that they are attempting again, to manufacture.

We are all the same; true some of us have existed in cultures different and have grown up in different environments ultimately leading some to have differing social norms than others; but it doesn’t matter. Stop being put into a box, stop believing that anything is better than anything else, we need to heal this division and the more you make yourself invisible to division the better you can heal.

The point is use your ability to think critically about everything, there are those that feel they have your support no matter how horrible they treat you. You must mentally weigh all possibilities and understand that the news that makes you feel horrible is meant to do exactly just that.

The mainstream news networks created “fake news” so that you would depend on them to save you and show you want they want you to think is truth. I am literally convinced that all this is an act; the entire presidential election, as a whole. They wanted Trump, but it didn’t matter who made it in, nothing changes for the better of the people, oh well better choose that other team next time that should have won, lol.

The system is manufactured to give the population the illusion of choice, would anyone who actually represents the will of the people ever have enough money to pay for an election campaign? Nope. Rich people, somehow I think don’t hold the majority of the poor people’s interests in mind. Someone who has made it that far, rest assured didn’t get there caring about the little guy. There’s no way.

The system is too out of touch to ever have the probability of enacting real positive change; instead corporations are getting larger and they are becoming impossible to compete with, this is the Walmart’s of the world. Politics in America has become Wal-Mart. No regular person could ever afford the ability of running for president and only narcissists that are willing to trample everyone else on the way up make it to presidential territory. Sad but true.

So yes, things need to change; but that is going against the deeply entrenched for profit politics that all but ensures no regular people make it; if they do they are simply bought, then marketed.

The fewer boxes one puts himself in the less angry he will be when he loses. They play on the fact that we ultimately want to belong to some group; this is how I think they are so effective at their control.

I swear they’re trying to make feudalism cool again

They’ve sold America’s good intention to the highest bidder, long ago; now is the fight to even get good intention back. Crowdsourcing shows some hope, but corporate money is practically endless, so it will be a difficult battle. Money should have nothing to do with politics, they are supposed to be in power to look for the interests of the people, not fattening their wallets, this must go.

There is Hope — We Must realize and take back our power

Get big money out of the pharmaceutical industry. This is nothing good, for profit medicine should be government controlled to ensure fair rules where no one person is taking too much. Generics are what makes healthcare possible in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, big money medicine is basically why Americans don’t have government run healthcare yet.

Make direct democracy a reality. We have the technology; what if your opinions actually mattered? Would you feel better deciding for yourself which path your own country should be taking on issues.

Well, direct democracy could give the people back their power and eliminate the need for a figurehead president altogether. Imagine a place where people take politics seriously because their vote really will make a difference. I think this would lead to a golden age where the masses make informed decisions because their opinions matter, not one where money buys influence on policy.

The power is in the people and the politics we address, let’s stop them from stacking the deck in their favor, once and for all. Know your enemy, recognize their techniques and stop letting them place you in a box. Please like and share if you’ve found anything useful

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