The corporate media and their desperation to stranglehold the narrative

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May 15, 2017
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May 21, 2017
corporate media narrative

The battle of mainstream news to control the narrative

Mainstream news outlets have been out of control lately. As someone who has left cable long ago; I only visit these media sources just to see what their next move is. They have  consistently pushed a narrative that is really dangerous to the world. The Russian hacking nonsense has been used to further global tensions and as it would seem to an outside observer that America is in chaos. This is very detrimental to the United States in my opinion because division can be viewed as weakness from an adversary.

Is it really that chaotic though? My opinion is that this is all an act to further public perception that America is in chaos when in reality it is not. Every single day propaganda is everywhere; they are drowning us all in baseless information in order to skew our perception of what is real.  Facebook cracking down on their subjective opinions on what constitutes real vs fake news. This is all too familiar I’m sure to someone who lived in soviet Russia back in the day. They are creating and repeating the same thing over and over again to perpetuate their grand illusion of their plan for reality.


fake news is censorship


Right now it would take me almost the entire day to disseminate all the information in that given day; ultimately this would require examining all the sources of information; if they are grounded in any verifiable fact and what the opposition has to say as well. It’s literally a full time job to disseminate this information to the extent that it becomes nearly impossible and some people just settle for the headline rather than doing the work. I don’t blame anybody, it’s hard work. The thing is that now these corporate media behemoths are betting that the average person won’t delve anywhere further to ascertain the validity of the information they are being presented. They are loving this and it’s almost like they have put some serious thinking into this. We are seeing more “fake news” peddled by these organizations than any clickbait obvious “alt-right” “neo-nazi” or other alternative conglomerate narrative could ever hope to provide.

Sometimes it’s as simple of asking yourself whether it would makes sense in that particular circumstance; like for example, would it make sense for Assad to have gassed his own people when he  is under such immense scrutiny from the United States. Peace talks were set to begin when out of nowhere he decides to gas people; risking literally everything when his country was on the brink of peace? Really? Doesn’t make sense and usually what doesn’t make sense is literally propaganda.

So is the grand act going to be Trump’s impeachment? What’s their plan here; what may they be planning? I worry about this rash quick to judgement reality show star in charge of such a powerful military. He has shown with Syria that he will react before the jury is even out on what happened. This may be their plan, have this unpredictable character that acts uncontrollably, or that is what they want us to think. Chaos may be inevitable if they are the ones manufacturing and the American people are consenting. I see people in the streets fighting each other over a false idol; they need to unify before it’s too late and this manufactured reality becomes what they want.


the fake news really mainstream media


Censorship, demonetization of content that is deemed unworthy; this has surpassed 1984 and Orwell would literally have a heart attack. You are now losing the ability to decide for yourself; this is a great thing about a free society, is the exchange of ideas and the art of critical thinking. Next comes net neutrality and bandwidth throttling what is deemed unacceptable by our social media and corporate media handlers. This is the means to an end of the last free vestige of the internet. Soon we won’t have the money to compete with media giants that want you to get their message first, it will be like the wal-marts of the world, buying at such a massive scale that no one can compete; this will truly be the end of the old web as we knew it.

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