Russian hacking – Are you confused? I think that’s (maybe) the point

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So much happening around the world it’s almost overwhelming. Everything in the media cycle seems to be moving at such a fast pace, it seems to be harder to comprehend just what is really going on and I almost think that may be the point.

All we keep hearing is Russia’s bad, China’s bad, North Korea; yep you guessed it, bad! So what are they up to, is this whole Trump Russia business a giant blanket meant to cover up something? Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the American empire? Like what is all this noise about? What are they so quick to always point the finger at Russia, the CIA is notorious for meddling in elections.

I know Trump said so many things that I think resonated with the American people, but now all we see is almost the opposite, like Trump is doing almost exactly what we would have expected from Hillary Clinton. Don’t get me entirely wrong I do think he has made some progress with some issues like illegal immigration and ending the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP, those are both positives; however I see much the same foreign policy that I would have expected to see from Hillary.

I would have expected with Trump’s rhetoric that tensions between Russia would have simmered down, not to be escalating at the pace they are. It seems strange that he would be so vilified, even as he is seemingly still fulfilling the neoliberal agenda and bringing in more troops to places like Syria, which I see as a direct provocation (obviously) to the Russians and Syrians alike. What the hell are they doing there, why are they now attacking pro-regime forces, what the hell, Trump..? This is what you said you were not going to do. So in bizarre backwards land we have the complete opposite of the campaign promises.

My thoughts are that if Trump was genuine in what he claimed to represent, then we would be seeing a major de-escalation of the regime change powerhouse that the United States has demonstrated itself as, so what gives? Was he threatened? Was he full of shit? What’s happening?

Now even as I write this towards the end of June, the “Russian interference” talking points are still dominating the news headlines, still without even a shred of credible evidence that I’ve seen yet. I only watch mainstream news on occasion and it’s just to see what their next angle might be and they still are all over Russia still pushing what I like to refer to as the mainstream Russian conspiracy theory.

I can go back to election interference and I personally think there was more ‘interference” from Obama with respect to attempting to “install” Hillary Clinton into the White House then I see from the apparent running mainstream conspiracy theory that the Russians got Donald Trump elected. We can see the meetings on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch and James Comey, Lynch effectively obstructing justice in the Hillary email investigation and the leaks and unmasking that took place under Obama’s presidency.

Maybe they are all working together and this is all an act, this is the only thing that makes sense, or maybe “i’m confused, and that’s the point. Otherwise is extremely troubling to think that a major conflict is so close to reality, especially when you look at the literal tinderbox that is Syria. Then there’s the Ukraine and North Korea, all places where an incident could happen that could trigger world conflict.

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