Why Is Canada Still Attached To The British Monarchy?

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So with all this talk of Brexit, I think it’s time for a serious discussion of what I like to refer as Canabrexit. This is where we would no longer require “royal assent” or the need to have the british crown sign off on any decisions we would make as our own sovereign nation. True north strong and free, would imply that we could be trusted to make our own decisions without input from the crown, would it not? Why is Canada still affiliated with Britain? Why do we have a governor general that must hold Canada’s hand for any decisions we make make as a supposed sovereign nation state? What is going on here, why do we need “royal assent”? Some may point to this as being a “ceremonial” type thing, but I really don’t see the point of it all and think it’s about time for this discussion.

It’s literally everywhere, from our legal system based on British common law, to even the paper we use a currency. From the depths of our constitutional monarchy system, there is no better time in securing our autonomous future than now, why not?

You see the governor general, as Canada’s representative to the queen, holds a huge amount of power to hamper our ability as a country to do what we want without their say. Although the governor general has never really exercised the authority to prevent Canada from doing it’s own thing, I believe that just them holding that power against us makes us much less able to be a free sovereign nation state we should be.

Canada, the second largest country besides Russia in the world, has much of every resource as is imaginable. We should no longer be bound to ceremony, like what year is it? Time to give Canada her ability to make her own decisions, and not be held back from pointless relationships that are no longer relevant in today’s world.

Much like the senate, I would argue that there is no real reason to have allegiance to the crown other than a relationship that could hamper our ability as a sovereign nation state to carry out the wishes of our country without the need to be burdened with satisfying the crown.  We can have a legal system that is much the same as it is now, we can still refer to the “crown” when our legal system prosecutes cases but let’s separate the crown from actionable power on our great sovereign nation state of Canada.

Sure we can’t avoid history, and all that helped Canada to have it’s own North American territory, however why would we still need to have this relationship where we are less autonomous as a nation because of this. Some may argue that this is nothing other than a “showing” of our history and where the majority of our people came from, this is a valid point, however there is a often never visited control mechanism that does not allow for our autonomy, why is this still the case? Should we not as a nation be able to drop this ceremonial horse crap and move on to a future where we are “trusted” by the crown to adopt policies that are not required to be approved by the crown? Why is Canada paying salaries to governor generals that represent the crown, could we not save much tax payer revenue by no longer paying the salaries of these figureheads? I think it’s time.

My argument is there is no purpose for this ceremonial showing, let’s save some cash, let’s get rid of this monarch and let’s move on without the brits having the final say on our autonomy. It’s about time, we were set free. There is no longer a purpose to this, and it can only serve to hold us back as a country going forward, time to give serious thought on how we can move beyond the monarchy.

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