Where is the best place to be when all hell breaks loose

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January 5, 2017
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best place to be when ww3 breaks out

Do you live near a large populated area like a city, or a military base? If you answered yes, then you may be at risk if nuclear hellfire is unleashed by the powers that be. The best thing you can do, is get yourself situated in an area that is away from densely populated areas, and is not likely to be a military strategic target. Major infrastructure may also be a target so keep that in mind and get as far away as possible.

Rural areas offer the best chance in both short and long term survival. Look for a place with plenty of natural resources like signs of wild game, a vantage point and water feature. The more sheltered by natural features, you are the better. The further away from well-travelled roads, the better.

Remember, at the first onset of panic, everybody will be rushing to gather supplies, the best thing you can do is already be prepared for this and to be heading to the hills while most everyone else is preoccupied with gathering supplies. In this way you have the upper hand in finding that resource rich area first.

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Consider having a modified vehicle ready with a extra capacity fuel tank, so you can travel further, if need be, to have the better chance of long term survival. Remember, once supply routes stop delivering goods, there will be a major outflux of population from the major urban areas. If you can get further away, quicker, you again have an upper hand in survival.

Have both a plan and a backup plan, then a redundancy plan for when both other options fail. The point is that while other are scrambling, you have a plan and are ready to go. Only involve people that are trustworthy in your plan and try not to depend on anyone but yourself. When order breaks down and all hell breaks loose, all bets are off. Be armed, be  prepared and be ready to go.

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