December 4, 2020
sustainable living hacks

5 Sustainable Living Hacks – Be the change

So as you know, I am a super thrifty person. I super enjoy saving money, and also, I am working very hard to minimize my footprint. Now I am by no means an extreme minimalist or a zero-waste person, but I think it’s great that we can all aspire towards that. Today I also had the opportunity to work with a fantastic app called Bunz. A friend of mine was getting rid of all of her craft supplies, and she passed on a lot to me. She told me about this app where you could swap for things. You could […]
November 18, 2020
3d solar panels the backyard revolution

Is The Backyard Revolution Legit? Review and more

Electricity is so much more essential than ever before; it has become a massive part of our daily lives. Can you even imagine the world without electricity, especially when used by households and big industries? Almost all devices that we are surrounded by are powered by electricity. Global electricity consumption accelerated in the year 2019; most of the 2019 increase in consumption was from Asia, particularly in China, while electricity consumption in the United States remained mostly stable since 2011 because of energy efficiency improvements, this is according to the global energy statistical yearbook 2019. Its heavy consumption can mean […]
October 15, 2018
geopolitical financial news

Political Happenings This Week — Making Sense Of Geo-Politics

So a number of developments have been occuring this last while and making sense of them can sometimes seem like a huge undertaking. Here I will attempt to explain what’s going in and how I see the world this week. First off and an important development, is China selling off US treasury bonds. This is hard to really gauge but apparently China has opted to sell 15 year treasury bonds, some may say in retaliation for the tariffs imposed on China with the escalating trade war. Some may say this is significant, however selling the bonds means that there’s ultimately […]
October 14, 2018
right and left wingers being played by the media

This Whole Right Versus Left Thing Is Such A Joke – But Is This Joke On You?

From an outsider looking in perspective, it is so very obvious that this is such a manipulated situation. This whole right versus left dichotomy is so unreal. Every day more articles out there that I see the only point in dividing and enraging one side or the other, we have police standing down while these people are literally fighting it out in the streets. I have news for you, you’re being played and it’s ridiculous to watch from the sidelines. The media is playing a huge role in this and as mentioned before acting as a vessel for enragement, on […]
October 13, 2018
ww3 imminent or just a show of force

What’s Their Endgame With China and Russia? Are We Headed For WW3

Within at least the last few years the rhetoric has heated up with respect to China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. Mostly lately it’s been Russia “hacking the election” war propaganda. This fear mongering is constant, on every major corporate news network and is growing louder, it seems every day. I remember the September 11th buildup to war and the outright phony “intelligence reports” leading to the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent “war on terror” that has done more to erode civil liberties and freedoms than any terrorist threat ever could. Because this is still somewhat fresh in the […]
October 13, 2018
green living in 23 easy steps

Go Green In These 23 Super Easy Steps — Start Living Green Today

1. Do not warm an empty house! When you can upgrade to your programmable thermostat. 2. Moreover, take steps to create an eco friendly workplace. 3. Clean your fridge coils — wipe with a moist cloth and vacuum the dust out. You will not be aware of how much filthy material collects down there! 4. Research carpooling. Want convincing? Your commute that is eco-friendly will save you cash. 5. Lease a car that is hybrid. Here are a couple more eco friendly travel suggestions. 6.Purchase rechargeable batteries. 7. Use cloth napkins rather than paper napkins. 8. Uncertain what’s recyclable? Have […]
October 13, 2018

Nevermind North Korea – No Nation State Should Be Allowed To Have Nukes

Nuclear weapons could potentially be the end of our species and I don’t think it’s reasonable that any nation on the earth has them. We have seen the horrors of nuclear weapons and what they can do, any reasonable person should agree that these weapons should not be allowed. Mutually assured destruction or MAD for short is the doctrine that once one major superpower launches, it’s already over for us as a certainty. The Nation that is the target will see this launch and then will launch their own weapons, as a retaliation for the incoming weapons. Then the nation […]
November 19, 2017
opioid epidemic decriminalization the answer

Decriminalize or Legalize All Drugs? Rehabilitation Instead Of Punishment

So it’s no secret that we being the Western world are in the midst of an opioid crisis, we are told that many people are dying from overdoses and that I’m sure like myself many people have been touched by someone they personally know that has succumbed to this battle. So to find out why we are here we need to examine what got us here to begin with. Many may point to how for minor injuries or pain that something with opioids was given to them for the pain, this is true and unfortunately how many become hooked. I’m […]
November 18, 2017
draing the swamp begins with the military industrial complex

Is The Real Conspiracy Not Left Or Right But Slaves And Owners?

Everywhere I look I see division. It’s now alt-right and alt-left, arguing and pitting themselves against one another, I can’t help but wonder if this is the real grand conspiracy that literally puts any other theory to shame. Let’s face it nothing is changing, nobody is going to jail and everything is ultimately staying the same. Look at all the partisan politics, if you try and keep up with it all, it is becoming increasing difficult to do so. The lines between real and fake are being in my opinion skewed to the point whereas finding real information is becoming […]
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